Child Care 101

Childcare is one of the most important parts of our business. You entrust your children in our care, so it is vital that we take childcare serious. When your child is with us, we take the responsibility of teaching them in a safe and caring environment. We care for all kids as if they were their own.

While childcare is important while in our care, it is also very important at home and other locations. When children leave our care our direct responsibility for care is over, but we are always concerned about the safety and health of your child. So, with all of the children in our care we provide information and resources that parents can use. They include help with fire safety around the home, kitchen safety, bathroom safety and other general safety topic areas.

Here are some of the recommended resources that we have suggested to our parents. We hope this helps in keeping your children safe as well!

Kitchen Safety

Bathroom Safety

Home Dangers

Fire Safety