Our Story

So, what is Sunny Gardens Day Care Center? That is a good question, and if you have a moment, we would like to give you an answer.

The Sunny Gardens story goes back long before the day care was even a glimmer of an idea. Caring for children goes back to the teenage years of Marissa, our founder. As a teenager you look for any ways to make some spending money. After all what teenage girl does not want to look sharp and have the latest electronics. Marissa was one of them!

Instead of working at the grocery store, pet store or any of the other typical spots where teenagers work, Marissa baby sat. What started out as helping her parents care for the two younger children evolved into babysitting for neighbors, parents’ friends’ children and anyone else who needed someone that watch over their children. This is how she got the start with childcare and put her on the perfect career path.

At an early age Marissa enjoyed working with children. She felt that children are like sponges and the more information that you give them, the more they learn and understand. During these babysitting days she started to utilize games and activities to motivate, entertain and teach children. These are ideas that have been incorporated into the Day Care today!

As you can see Marissa has always enjoyed being around children and to help them learn. So, a career in child education was a natural. After high school, she went to college and majored in Early Childhood Education. After graduating from college Marissa started to put her education to use by working as a Kindergarten teacher for a few years. She enjoyed working with kids at an early age, but I knew I wanted to do more.

So about ten years ago Marissa started Sunny Gardens Day Care, and the rest as they say is history. But the work of the Day Care Center couldn’t be done without a dedicated group of helpers.

Here is the Sunny Gardens family:

Marissa Barry – Founder

Allie Cisneros

Belinda Cunningham

Tasha Dickson

Alicia Friedman

Dianna Pearson

Tara York