Day Care Programming

Childcare is not one size fit all. You can’t expect a two-year-old to learn the same way that a five-year-old learns. We understand that and take that into consideration when we are working with our children. So, we take that approach that you have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. And depending on the age and ability of your child, they will be with other crawlers, walkers, or runners.

Our day is split between educational activities and fun activities. All are programmed to help you child gain the knowledge and information that they will be needed to start elementary school. Our normal day usually consists of teaching children about letters, numbers and teach them reading skills and comprehension.

But that’s not all. We also include a number of fun activities inside and outside our center. As our name implies, we have a working garden in our playground. The children help with planting and care of our garden. Each week a child is assigned a different “job” where they tend to our garden. The kids love it and learn about how plants and flowers grow, garden safety, insects and how to identify different varieties.

We also have a day care kitty, named Sunny. Sunny has been around for a couple of years and LOVES children. Actually, he loves attention, and the children (those that are not allergic to cats) enjoy spending time with Sunny and learn about the responsibility to care and feed a pet.

The core of are day is spent in our class settings. We have separate rooms where children are located based on age and ability. In each area we have teachers and assistants designed to make sure your child is learning, having fun and getting used to working with others. We also provide breakfast, lunch and nutritious snacks for children.

We have three main rooms. They are: